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  BudgetMap - Checkbook Budgeting System
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Personal Budgeting for Financial Success!

The inexpensive BudgetMap system solves the most common problems related to household budgeting
  • Save money consistently! - Instantly see your budget as you make each transaction

  • Control credit card spending! - tracks credit card spending as well as checks and cash

  • Portable! - fits into a checkbook. No bulky notebooks or worksheets.

  • Simple! - even used to teach young people how to manage money!

  • Flexible! - works with any budget and any combination of checks, credit/debit card and cash transactions.

"BudgetMap is compact, tidy, and amazingly effective ... I find BudgetMap to be a unique and useful money management tool. When you consider the price is less than one bounced check, BudgetMap also represents quite a bargain."
     Mary Hunt - author of Debt-Proof Living and Cheapskate Monthly

"BudgetMap takes the fuss out of making and sticking to a budget. I've found it to be easy, effective, and relatively inexpensive."
     Deborah Taylor-Hough - author of Frugal Living for Dummies

Success through simplicity

Save money consistently, become debt-free, and reduce your work with the BudgetMap® system. BudgetMap® has helped thousands of people get control of their finances - it will do the same for you!

So simple - used by high schools, home schoolers and universities to teach youth. So successful - used by mortgage companies, seminar instructors and churches to impart principles of personal finance and stewardship to adults.

Immediately ...

  • Get organized financially
  • Start managing your household budget
  • Begin saving money

"The system is so simple, it's mind boggling. I have tried other budgeting systems ... Your system is a dream." Ronald T. - Colorado

Carry it with you

The BudgetMap system replaces your check
and fits into a normal check book.

  • Take it wherever you go
  • Stop unwanted purchases
  • Immediately see if you are overspending
  • Save money consistently

"Because you carry it with you, it provides a clear picture of your current financial situation anytime, any place." R. Noll - Washington

Save your precious time

Most personal financial systems make you enter information in your check register and then again in a software program, spreadsheet, or notebook. Do you want that?

Save your time with the BudgetMap system. It combines the budgeting system with the check register -- no separate budgeting system is needed.

  • Instantly see your spending plan as you make each transaction -- and how each transaction moves you toward (or away from) your goals.

  • Budgeting becomes a simple and easy part of daily life -- not an extra task that you have to do every week or month.

  • Stop overspending before it happens.

"I give one to each of my students in my personal financial management class. The BudgetMap system is easy to use, visually portrays the financial picture, and does not take a lot of time to keep up. I give the BudgetMap an A++ for the best financial management tool available." J. Blowers, High school teacher

Get the "Missing Link" for successful budgeting

Have you ever ...

  • Bought a book on budgeting?
  • Taken a course on personal finances?
  • Used a budget planner?
... but you still can't budget successfully? Have you given up?

Many books and courses do an excellent job of motivating and educating but don't offer an easy way to implement what they teach. Some even have you write out your budget plan -- but it is a quantum leap to put your plan into action.

You need more than a budget planner -- you need a budget implementer. The BudgetMap system does both. You get the "missing link" to implement what you learn.

"My husband just finished a small group study on personal budgeting ... personally I think that your BudgetMap product is the 'missing piece' of the whole system." - Cathy in California

"Big picture" gives you control

You need to look forward more than backward when you budget. Most budgeting systems emphasize details and hindsight (where you've already spent your money). The BudgetMap system emphasizes the "big picture" and foresight -- it combines the normal detail checkbook information for tracking (hindsight) with the budgeting system (foresight) so you can see both at the same time.

  • Gives you an instant picture of the balance in your account -- plus what the money in the account is for.

  • Protects you from inadvertently spending money that is being saved for a special budget purpose on the wrong item (you spend the money for your house payment on clothes -- oops!).

  • Changes budgeting into a positive, pro-active tool that frees you to accomplish your goals -- and look forward financially.

"BudgetMap helps you face the facts. Your financial situation is there plain as the nose on your face. It's really quite ingenious." RS - Alberta, Canada

Make quick decisions ... without mistakes

Sometimes you have to make a quick decision. The BudgetMap system allows you to be flexible and spontaneous -- while avoiding impulsiveness. What's the difference?

Impulsiveness is reacting without thinking (bad!) -- and you make a lot of mistakes. Spontaneity is immediately responding after thinking through the consequences (good!). The BudgetMap system enables you to see where you are in your budget at a glance -- you can make quick decisions based on knowledge instead of emotion.

"Using a BudgetMap register has made managing our finances much easier.It's helpful to see at a glance what we are able to spend. The convenience of the BudgetMap register has - on many occasions - prevented us from overspending. It's been a great tool for our family." - Becky Wall, Homemaker

Order Now! and ...
  • begin saving money consistently

  • organize your finances

  • start getting out of debt!

"The BudgetMap system is the most innovative, profoundly simple financial tool I've ever tried, and I've tried many! I've been using it for two years, and couldn't do without it now."
   L. Bonds, Homemaker
Take advantage of our 90-day Money Back Guarantee. There's no risk -- if the BudgetMap system doesn't meet your expectations, return it for a full refund.


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